Welcome to Online Class.

Hello Class, for the first 9 weeks we will be doing everything online. It sucks to learn Math online but we will all get through this. I will be uploading videos on what we are learning, and I will provide a tutoring link for you to get tutoring. If you still need help, you can always email me and we will plan a zoom meeting so I can help you understand the lesson more. If we plan a zoom meeting, you will have to have a parents consent and the parent will need to be in the room with you because you are under 18 and we cannot zoom meeting alone for certain reasons. 

Now, we will have a zoom meeting everyday at 12pm until 1:30pm. In the zoom meeting, we will go over what we are learning and you will be able to ask me questions. 

Requirements for my zoom meetings: Camera On, but mic muted unless I ask you to unmute yourself. To be able to use zoom, I will need your parent to fill out this form saying it is okay for us to zoom meeting as a class. Form: Zoom Consent DOC


Grading Policy:

Tests: 45%

Quizzes: 25%

Homework: 15%

Classwork: 15%



Attendance Policy:

Every zoom meeting you join, will count as your attendance. Also, doing your online work will count as attendance too. If you do not attend a zoom meeting, you will be marked absent just for the zoom meeting. If you cannot attend the zoom meeting, email me to let me know so I can send you what we are learning in class. To be counted as present for the Online Attendance, you will have to be on Canvas/ Google Classroom for at least an hour.  It does time you, and I will be able to see it. Schools rules, I will have to tell your parent each time you are not on Canvas/ Google Classroom for at least an hour. 


Quizze, Tests, Homework, and Classwork will be posted on my website everyday! Make sure to keep a lookout. 


Tutoring Link      8th grade Tutoring


8th grade math help: (Links below)

Khan Academy

Math Help

Common Core



Math Calculators