Classroom Policies


Mrs. Smith's Policies and Procedures


Assignment Books- We will be using assignment books daily. It will be the student's responsibility to write the assignments in it and bring it home daily. It is required that these are signed by parents nightly. I will be checking them each morning. If it is not signed, grace will be given the first day and they will have to have it signed the next day. If it goes unsigned two days in a row they will miss 5 minutes of their snack time. If it goes unsigned three days in a row I will be sending a discipline slip home. Since I will be checking these each morning feel free to use the books as a communication tool.


Attendance- If you know your student is going to be gone please notify me as soon as possible.


Art- We will be having art on Thursday mornings for the whole year.


Bible- The students will be memorizing key passages, a couple of verses at a time and then a review of the whole passage. Please help your child with the verses each week, reviewing the previous weeks will be helpful for when we come to the review week.


Birthdays- Students may bring a treat to share with the class if they so desire. On the students birthday they will be able to have lunch with the teacher and a friend of their choosing. This is so I can have a chance to visit with the child and get to know them better and see how their year is going.


Book Reports- Third Graders will be required to do one book report a quarter, this will be filling out a questionnaire about the book. They will be presenting theirs orally the second half of the year.

Fourth Graders will be required to do two book reports each quarter. I will help and guide them on the first one. They will have a questionnaire to fill about the book and then they will type a paragraph summarizing the book. One report will be presented to the class orally each quarter.


Clean Desks- Orderliness is a character trait that we will be talking about throughout the year. So from the beginning I expect the students to keep their desks clean and organized. We will be having weekly desk checks to help students. Those student who have a clean desk will be awarded a Super Ticket to be entered in the weekly drawings. If the desk is not clean the student will stay at snack time and clean it.


Chapel- Chapel will be on Wednesdays. I ask that the students dress appropriately. No jeans, sweats or t-shirts. They may bring a change of clothes if they would like so they don't need to worry about tearing clothes or getting them dirty during recess.


Communication- is a two way street. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns anytime during the year. I will be sending home a weekly newsletter and I am working on setting up a classroom website it is a work in progress and I hope to have it up and running fully by the end of September. Please fill out the communication information sheet, that is attached to the back of this packet and return by Friday September 11, 2009. You can also contact me at:

VCA- 262-6550 (before school or after until 3:00)

Home 218-476-3277 (before 9 PM)

Cell- 218-310-6978

Email: ssmith@vcahibbing.com

Web site: http://mrssmith34.educatorpages.com

Computer time- Third Grade students will have a computer time for 15 minutes once a week. They will work on their typing skills.

Fourth Grade students will have computer time for 20 minutes twice a week they will work on typing skills and their book reports.


Dog House- Each child's bone will start out in the treat jar, when a child misbehaves they will get a warning and their bone will move out of the jar, if the problem continues, they will move to the Welcome Mat and loose 5 minutes of break or recess time. If it happens a 3rd time, they will move into the Dog House and loose 10 minutes of break or recess. If a student can stay out of the Dog house for a whole quarter they will get a special treat. As the year progresses the penalty will increase.


Gym- The Third Graders will be having gym with the First and Second Graders on Thursday from 1:30-2:00 for the entire year. The Fourth Graders will be having gym with the Fifth and Sixth Graders during the second semester. More information will come as it gets closer.


Homework- Students will have homework, which will be to reinforce the learning that is taking place in the classroom, review for tests and anything that they may not get done during the allotted time. I expect the homework to be turned in on time; if not, the VCA's Homework policy will be followed.


Language, Science, Health, Spelling/Handwriting- The students will be going to other rooms with other teachers for these subjects. I expect them to show respect and follow the classroom rules.


Library- We will be going to the library once a week ton Thursday afternoons. The first Thursday of the month, students will be allowed to check out a movie if they would like. The Third Graders will be allowed to check one item out at a time. The Fourth Graders will be allowed to check out two items at a time. However, this is a bigger responsibility and if it is abused or becomes too much for them, they will be allowed only one item.


Reading- Students will be required to read 10-15 minutes a night for Book-It. They will be graded on the amount that they read.


Rules- Always do your best because this is what God asks of us

Be respectful of others and their property

Be good listeners

Follow the directions

Keep hands, feet and all objects off of others


Snacks- We will have a snack/break time everyday in the morning. Please send a healthy snack. This is not to replace a healthy breakfast. Snacks help students stay on task throughout the morning.


Study Hall- Student will have Study Hall four days each week. This will be in our classroom with me; however, I will be teaching a Math class during their study time. I will expect them to work quietly at their desks and use the time wisely. If they have their work done they will be expected to read. This is a work time for them and the other class, talking and goofing around will not be tolerated.


Super Tickets- These are little tickets that students can earn. Students will write their name on the back. At the end of the week I will draw 3 names, those students who are picked will get to go check out the treasure chest and pick out any item. Ways to earn a ticket include: clean desk, 100% on a test, not getting in the dog house all week, doing a good deed for someone in need, or just because.

Communication Contact information sheet



Students name ___________________________________________________


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Email Address: __________________________________________________


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Please return by 9/11/2009