4 grade

Welcome to the Fourth Grade 



May 11, 2010



Dear Parents:


We are down to 16 days left of school!! We are also back into our regular schedule now that the musical is finished. Did I just hear a big sigh of relief?


Bible- The third graders are working hard learning about Daniel. Their verse this week is: Thomas said to him, “Lord, we don't know where you are going, so how can we know the way?” John 14:5

The fourth graders are looking at Paul's missionary work. We will focus on where he went and what he did in each place. This is the week they must say all of John 1:1-18. If they say it on Friday they will earn their Dairy Queen treat.

Math- We are working very hard in math.

The third graders are continuing to add and subtract fractions. They have a test on Friday.

The fourth graders are studying graphs and will start decimals this week.

Spelling- We will continue on spelling this week. The lists are on the back. Next week will be our last week for spelling.

History- The third graders have finished their history book so we voted on whom we would like to learn more about from one of our history chapters. They chose to learn more about George Washington. We will watch a video, and start reading, Heroes of History: George Washington: A True Patriot. We will be discussing this as we go.

The fourth graders will be starting chapter 14: New Frontiers. We will have a quiz Friday. Chapter 14 and 15 will be our last two chapters for the year.

State Reports: The third graders are doing a mini-state report packet. They will be picking out their states this week. This will all be done in class.

The fourth graders have started to take notes for their state report. They will start writing their rough draft on Thursday.


In His Service,

Mrs. Smith

Important dates:

May 28- Fun Day

May 31- Memorial Day No School

June 1- Graduation

June 3- Last day of school!!!!


Contact information:

VCA- 262-6550 (before school or after until 3:00)

Home 218-476-3277 (before 9 PM)

Email: ssmith@vcahibbing.com

Web site: http://mrssmith34.educatorpages.com


4th Reason List 29

  1. playground

  2. yardstick

  3. homework

  4. bedroom

  5. bedspread

  6. fireplace

  7. railroad

  8. homemade

  9. within

  10. everybody

  11. newspaper

  12. herself

  13. bathroom

  14. bathtub

  15. anyway

  16. backyard

  17. sunshine

  18. somewhere


  1. newspaperwoman

  2. railroading

4th A Beka List 29

  1. parachute

  2. voyage

  3. pianos

  4. irresistible

  5. citrus

  6. mustache

  7. scheme

  8. territory

  9. machinery

  10. nachos

  11. Idaho

  12. sopranos

  13. characteristic

  14. creaking

  15. license

  16. journey

  17. memos

  18. carriage

  19. photos

  20. curious


  1. flaunt- to show something proudly and boastfully

  2. imply- to suggest; to mean without saying so

  3. trivial- of little importance

  4. hygiene- the rules of good health

  5. endeavor- to try hard

  6. correspond- to write letters

  7. fortunate- well favored

  8. apparatus- tools and equipment for a special task

  9. exhale- to breathe out

  10. plateau- a level spot in the mountains