Block 1 - Computer Apps 1 R

Week of February 22nd


We are going to be earning our Internet Safety Certifications via the iSafe website.


  1. We are going to learn all of the parts of the Microsoft Word 2007 screen.

Here is a great website to help you with this assignment.

    2.  We are going to be going over Bullets and Numbering.

I will assign a bullets and Numbering assignment.


  1. I will show the students these basic formatting features:

J     Horizontal and Vertical Alignment

J     Font Style, Size and Color

J     Bold, Italicize, and Underline

J     Highlight

J     Graphic Symbols

J     Pictures

J     Print Preview

J     Line Spacing

       2.   Students are going to create 2 flyers based on Internet Safety utilizing all of the basic Word features that they learned so far this week.


Students are going to finish creating their flyers that they started yesterday.

Have a great weekend!