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Hello, all my wonderful little kiddies!  R U READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL? A MONDAY NIGHT PARTY? OK. it is now time to settle down, class. Thank you for visiting my fantastic classroom website that my wonderful son Drew created for me.  I would like to just menchan how delicious his abs are.  OK.  Well, since you are probably here for something, you can read all about me by clicking on the "About Mrs. Spargo" link on the left. THIS IS MANDATORY. My phoney number is also located there, along with my Horde E-Mail account's email address, which allows you to send messages to me that will be responded in less than .000000000001 seconds because I AM A ROBOT!. Once again, thanks for checking my website out and just chillaxin' on ur computator.  Remember, I will be ur English Teach for this entire year, and probably the next.  R U READY???