Teacher: Mrs. Spuhl

Class: Phonics

Date(s): August 31 - September 4, 2020

Availability: After 3:45 pm

Estimated Time: These activities should take less than 20 minutes.  Feel free to repeat activities your child enjoys. 

Essential Question: Can the students identify their first name and begin to write it?

Resources Needed: The links below, paper, cardstock, markers, crayons, Elmer's glue, salt/sand (colored sand is fun), paint, Q-Tips, and tray or pan with sides.

Lesson Plan: 

Phonics Objective: Students will be able to recognize their name and point it out among other names. Students will begin to know the letters in their names and to write it.

Biblical Integration: Students will begin to understand that their name is special to them. Names have meanings and what their name means. Students will begin to understand that God knows their name.

-Make first name tracer pages (free tracer pages website) and help them with proper letter formation (always start on the top of the letter).

-See if they can recognize their name among two other names with the same first letter (for example, Essi, Emma, and Eleanor).

-Write their name on thick paper (cardstock) for them to paint with Q-Tieps on their printed name.

-Write their name on on thick paper (cardstock) for them to trace on the lines with Elmer's glue and let them sprinkle sand/salt in the glue.  Let them feel it when dry.


Phonics Objective: Students will be able to recognize the letter Uu. They will learn the short sound of letter Uu. Students will be able to hear the short sound of Uu as they explore different words.  They will also begin to write the letter.

Biblical Integration: Students will learn letters and sounds in order to decode words and then be able to read and understand the Bible for themselves.

Essential Question: Can you find Uu's and Ii's in words?

-Introduce the letter Uu by pointing out the big U and the little u.  Do they look the same?

-Write your child's fisrt and last name on a piece of paper and see if they can find any Uu's in their name.  Make the Question of the Day be "How many Uu's do you have in your name?

-Watch Aliens Love Underpants to emphasize the Uu sound.

-Think of clues for common short Uu sound words, such as Uncle, Underwear, Under, and Up.  So for Uncle, say "What is the name you call the person married to your aunt?" as a clue.  Emphasize the short Uu sound (as in uncle).  I usually make the short sound loudly and say that's the sound you make when your tummy is really full.

-Set up salt/sand in a tray (or brownie pan) to practice the letter Uu and Ii with their finger (see example).

-Watch some Letter Uu videos on YouTube.  Sesame Street has a podcast for each letter. Click here  Jack Hartman's Uu video.

-Do the Hidden Uu page.  Emphasize the difference between the U's and the V's.

-Do the tracing Uu page.  Emphasize the correct formation of a U, always start at the top and make the happy face.

-Do the Dot and Tracing Uu page.


Phonics Lesson for the Week of 8/24/20