Welcome to Mrs. S. Scott's Classroom

Class Theme:   Race to Success!  (Revved Up For Learning)

Teaching Philosophy:  All children can learn and it is the equal responsibility of the student, teacher, and parents to ensure students learn what they need to master content in the current grade in order to move on to the next.  Students are expected to participate and engage in learning, bringing the necessary supplies/materials each day.  As the teacher, I am expected to provide meaningful instruction of the Georgia Performance Standards using multiple strategies and measures to gauge mastery.  Parents are expected to encourage their child to do their best each day, come to school prepared to learn, and provide any additional support or materials.  Parents should also check with the teacher at least once per quarter to gauge student progress, areas of strength, and weaknesses.

Classroom Materials/Supply List:  2 inch 3-ring binder, four dividers (warm-up/sponge, classwork, notes, and homework/grades assignments) OR a 5 subject spiral notebook with dividers and perforated sheets, 2-#2 pencils (daily), 2 black ink pens, 2 red ink pens to correct/score papers, and coloring utensils (12 count crayons, colored pencils, or markers).

Classroom Checklists/Units of Study:  Skills Review, Autobiography, Writing, a Literature selection, Influential African Americans, Poetry, CRCT Preparation, and Shakespeare (units are subject to change based on students' interests and abilities).