1st block Regular Math

 Tutoring is now offered in the morning on quiz days.  Tuesday and Thursday afternnoons will be spent finishing up or getting help with class or home assignments.  Other tutoring is offered but you must have an appointment.

 01/07 Students continued with %, frac and decimal puzzle   HW students are to make corrections to their better buy project, students should have 18 division problems-work shown, 9 multiplying by 3 problems and then 9 subtraction problems
 01/08 made a study guide on unit rate and better buy, please sign for extra credit, continued with puzzle HW pg 582 Lesson 7-7 #11-20  quiz tomorrow on better buy and unit rate
 01/09 practiced unit rate before taking quiz HW pg 321 #9-16
 01/10 Reviewed ratio tables and proportions for quiz Monday, still continued with % proportions  HW pg 582 lesson 7-8 #1-8

 01/02multiplying/dividing decimals  HW Better buy worksheet #11-20 11-16 must show work and 17-20 may use a calculator 
 01/03 finished up better buy activity, students could possibly have to finish for HW,    HW PG 582 Lesson 7-7 #1-10, students should bring home two sample problems done in class to help with HW

12/10  HW pg  580 Lesson 7-3 #10-27 Ratio Quiz Wednesday

 Make sure to study ratios tonight for the quiz tomorrow

HW pg 290 #14-31

 12/12 Pg 294 #10-17
 12/13 Pg 580 Lesson 7-2 #1-10  We continued with unit rate today
 12/14 Proportion Quiz today!  Weekly Review Due Tuesday


12/17 Today was a review day, we also continued with unit rate lesson 7-2.  Quiz tomorrow, sign agenda.  Don't forget weekly review due tomorrow and signed progress report.  HW pg 580 Lesson 7-2 # 11-20.  Also many students have a worksheet to finish on ratios.
 12/18 Weekly review DUE!! NO NEW ONE THIS WEEK!  HAPPY HOLIDAYS!  worksheet on best buy
 12/19 HW pg 315 #13-20
 12/21 NO school