Advanced 2nd and 4th block

Tutoring is now offered in the morning on quiz days.  Tuesday and Thursday afternnoons will be spent finishing up or getting help with class or home assignments.  Other tutoring is offered but you must have an appointment.

1/07  puzzle on solving equations, quiz on solving equations, quiz tomorrow on solving equation-please sign study guide for extra credit, HW only yam/tv side of worksheet
 1/08 continued with equations and simplifying expressions  HW even on simplifying expressions
 1/09 simplifying expressions  HW worksheet carpet Installer  Quiz Friday on Dafynition Decoder tutoring in the morning
 1/10 continued with simplifying algebraic expressions HW worksheet odd simplifying expressions

 01/02 continued with algebra today, students will have a quiz on solving equations Monday, students will be givien a study guide Friday for quiz  HW pg 578 Lesson 6-6 #10-27
 01/03 Simplifying algebraic expressions  HW worksheet only complete the race car side
 01/04 Get study guide signed for extra credit


12/17  Reviewed integer and exponent rules.  Students will be retested tomorrow. I will take the average of the two tests Look for study guide, must memorize!!!  Objective: order of operations  HW sign progress report, sign tests, memorize the rules.  Pg 577 Lesson 6-3 #16-24
 12/18 weekly review due today.  No new one.  Happy holidays!!  RETEST ON EXPONENTS!!  objective: review order of operations and solving equations  HW pg 578 Lesson 6-4 #9-32
 12/19 Quiz: order of operations  HW pg 578 Lesson 6-5 #17-32
 12/21No school 


 12/10 Pg 576 Lesson5-6 #1-40
12/11 Pg 576 Lesson 5-7 #1-14
12/12 Pg 576 Lesson 5-8 #9-22
 12/13 Pg 577 Lesson 6-2 #7-24
12/14 Exponent Test Today!  Know the Rules!