Mrs. Stearle's Speech and Language Web Site


Welcome !  This site is designed to provide information and suport for parents and teachers related to speech and language development and communication delays and disorders.


What is a Speech or Language Impairment?

A speech or language impairment means a communication disorder, such as impaired articulation, a language impairment, stuttering or a voice impairment that negatively affects a student's educational performance. 

What does a school-based Speech-Language Pathologist do?

School based Speech-Language Pathologists complete speech-language assessments, develop goals and benchmarks, provide therapy and collaborate and consult with teachers and other school based professionals to increase student success in the classroom.  Speech-Language Pathologists provide speech therapy to children with articulation, phonological, stuttering or voice disorders that negatively impact their educational performance.  SLP's provide language therapy to children who display disorders or delays of receptive, expressive or pragmatic (social communication) language.  SLP's also provide therapy for other low incidence disorders that can impact communication abilities, such as developmental disabiliites, Down Syndrome, autism spectrunm disorders, etc.

About Me

My name is Karen Stearle.  I am Aggie Robert's Elementary School's Speech-Language Pathologist.  I recieved my Bachelor's and Master's degrees at the College of New Jersey.  I have worked in several different school environments with preschool and elementary age students.  My experiences have allowed me to gain knowledge and skills in working with a variety of disabilities and disorders including multiply handicapped, mentally challenged, health impaired, autism spectrum disorders, emotionally disturbed, learning disabled, articulation and phonological disorders, voice disorders, stuttering, language delays/disorders and augmentative communication.