Mrs. Stevens' Syllabus Fall semester, 2020


Welcome to IEW! 

Please come to class with your IEW folder. I will be supplying these to you on Sept 21st, the first time we meet for class. You will also need to bring a pen to class and plenty of notebook paper. 


Class rules

I like to allow for plenty of discussion during classtime. However, interuppting others distracts from the conversation and isn't profitable to anyone. Please try to raise your hand when you have a question or comment unless otherwise directed by me. 

When I'm talking, you are not. Make sure to listen well and if you have a very important comment or question, write it down if you need to. I never ignore a raised hand, and I want to hear from you. We will have a lot of ground to cover and I want this to be a positive learning environment for everyone, and that means order will need to be in place. 


The first few weeks of IEW may be tricky. We are learning new things and new things always require a new spot in our brain! So don't get discouraged if things aren't making sense. Give your head some time to adjust before you decide its too hard. As always, I am very willing to answer you via email or phone with questions if we don't get to it in class, or if you don't understand the information. 



  • I will give you your IEW notebook the first day we meet, Sept 21st. . The order will be as follows: 
  1. current work 
  2. finished work 
  3. structural models
  4. stylistic techniques 
  5. banned words 


Fall semester: 

  • learn dress ups and sentence openers 
  • writing from pictres 
  • introduce decorations
  • sentence opener #4
  • Editing practice 
  • essay models 
  • writing introductions and conclusions 
  • introduction of advanced dress ups and openers

Spring Semester:

  • editing practice 
  • invisible which and invisible #2 opener
  • decoration: dramatic opening and closing 
  • creative writing until VII
  • personal letters
  • advanced dress up: dual verbs 
  • Alanlyzing and imitating distinctive styles
  • Story Sequence Review 
  • Critique model Unit IX
  • Advanced Style: Triple extensions, noun clauses


Assignments will be given based on the material presented in class. Due dates will be clear, and assignments must be turned in on time in order to recieve credit. Each monday I will send an email with a weekly class update and details concerning the homework. Students will be a given a monthly assinment calendar and a checklist for each assignment. This checklist is to be filled out by the student. The parent is responsible for reviewing the paper and chkelist with the student. After careful review, the parent must sign and date the checklist. 


Class Format: 

I will be presneting this class through the IEW DVD's as well as teacher led lessons in the class; however, PARENTS are the primary teacher! It is imperative that parents look over the material I send home so they will understand what is required of the student. Please communicate any questions or concerns via email. I do not respond to emails on Sunday, but am available any other day. Therefore, students, please do not wait until Saturday night to ask about your assignment! I will not be able to help past 5:00 pm on Saturday night. 


I look forward to a profitable semester getting to know you and engage in some great discussions as we learn a new way of writing.


Mrs. Stevens 

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