"Giving Tree"

Thanks to everyone who took an apple off our classroom "Giving Tree".  I keep the tree out year round as my classroom wishlist. It is  totally optional as to whether or not you want to participate.  All items are for classroom use and help our day to run smoother in some way.  If you didn't get a chance to see the "Giving Tree" yet.......don't worry...... it is still on display and still has some apples on it "ripe for the picking." Laughing

Several parents asked me to list what is still on the "Giving Tree".  Below is a list of items:

1. dry erase markers in a variety colors

2. printer ink cartridges (#74 and #75)

3. plastic spoons and forks (I am almost out.)

4. multi-colored circle stickers (dot stickers)

THANKS so much for your support!