Scholastic book order

Dear Parents,       

In the “Tuesday folder” you will find the first Scholastic book order form of the year.  Buying books from Scholastic is optional, but it is a great way to build your home library.  There are 2 books this month that happened to be books I am going to assign my students to read during the year.  The book for my 4th grade class is Tales of the 4th Grade Nothing, and the book for my 5th grade class is Frindle.  I am asking each family to purchase the one book for their child’s appropriate grade level.  The cost for the 4th grade book is $2 and for the 5th grade it is $1.  If you already own the book you do not need to purchase another one unless you would like to donate it to the classroom.  I am trying to build my “class sets” library so I don’t have to keep asking parents to purchase books.  If you would like to donate Soup, Frindle, or Tales of the Fourth Grade Nothing after your child has finished reading it I would really appreciate it!