Math Corrections

Dear Parents,       

Please take note of my policy for math mid-chapter review corrections and chapter test corrections.  Your child may correct any math mid-chapter review or chapter test to better his/her grade.  The corrections must be done on a separate sheet of paper. This paper should then be stapled to the back of the original review or test.  The corrections should be numbered corresponding to the number of the original problem missed. Corrections need to be turned in within two days of receiving the review or test paper back.  I will not accept late corrections! This means most corrections will be due on Thursdays since graded papers are returned in your child’s "Tuesday Folder". I will average the original grade with the corrections grade to get the final grade.       

Daily math class work is kept in your child’s binder behind the math tab.  Please question your child as to what he/she is learning in math, and make sure he/she understands what is being taught.  We do move through the lessons very quickly, so it is important that you reinforce what is being learned during the day at home.  Thanks for being my partner in your child’s education.