Class Information 


Red Folders

These will be sent home every day.  The red folder will be a place for you, your child, and myself to communicate with each other.  Students are required to bring this home every night and return it to school every day. Parents should go over everything with their child in the folder, especially their homework.  Students will be responsible for checking these every morning and returning any homework or notes to me.


Class Dojo

Please sign up with the class code provided if you haven’t already.  ClassDojo allows me to instantly share messages, updates, and photos from class.  Please check it often.


Language Arts-Study Vocabulary and Spelling words (tests on Fridays).  New lists will come home on Mondays.  Reading is highly encouraged for 20 minutes each night, but students are not required to track or turn anything in for this.  

Math-homework will come home Monday and will be due back by Friday.  This will usually consist of Ready Math practice pages.


Fountas and Pinnell Reading Series

Princeton has adopted Fountas and Pinnell as our Reading series.  With this series, it is very important for students to be present to hear the stories that we will read in class.  Students do not have reading textbooks, with the stories in them, that they can take home if they are absent.   This series has many books, but we are not allowed to send them home as we only have the one book.  There may be times that you can listen to these books online or check them out at the public library.  I definitely understand there are times that students will be absent, but I just want to encourage attendance as much as possible, especially with this series, so your child does not fall behind.  We will have quizzes at the end of each Interactive Read Aloud (IRA) text set and each Shared Reading (SR) book.  We will also have a test at the end of each Reading unit.  


Students will study a Word of the Day each day M-Th with a quiz over the 4 vocabulary words on Friday.  This quiz also includes an open ended question where they are expected to write a complete sentence for their answer.  The vocabulary words will come home on Monday to be studied for the quiz on Friday.


We will be using Words Their Way for our Spelling in 2nd Grade.  Students will be given a spelling inventory test at the beginning of the year and then will be given spelling lists every week depending on their level.  Students will work on these words and skills during Word Work and then will take a test in Spelling City online on Fridays.  Their list will come home on Mondays to study for the test on Fridays.  This will start once the Spelling Inventory Test is given and analyzed, usually within the first couple weeks of school.


Students will have one handwriting grade per week.


We use Ready Mathematics in 2nd Grade.  We will have tests after each unit and weekly lesson quizzes.  Students will also take timed math fact quizzes each week.  They will start at +1 and work through all of addition up to +12 and then will work through their subtraction facts.  Please work on their speed at home, as second graders are expected to complete these timed tests in 1 minute.   They will work through these at their pace and a weekly facts practice sheet will be given during class to practice each week.

Student conduct will be tracked by a point system in Class Dojo.  Class Dojo gives a percentage based on points and this will be their conduct grade for the week. 



Your child will receive grades in the following subjects on an A-F grading scale:

English Language Arts




The following subjects follow an E-U grading scale with E being Excellent and U being Unsatisfactory

Science/Social Studies

Specials Classes



Please make sure to send a note with your child or call the office as soon as you can on days your child will have a dismissal change.  I cannot accept emails or Class Dojo messages for these changes due to the fact that I might not see them until after school is out.  


Water Bottles

Students are encouraged to bring in water bottles (water fountains will not be in use this year) with the following restrictions:

-it must be a reusable bottle that is spill proof-no glass

-it must only contain clear water-no powder additives or anything else in the bottle

-children must take them home every weekend to be washed

-name must be written on it in case another student has the same bottle



The gator type masks are highly encouraged for students to wear as these can be kept down around their necks when not in use.  This helps to cut down on masks being played with or dropped on the floor.  When the gator masks are not worn, then a lanyard with a clip is encouraged to keep the traditional masks from falling on the floor.  


Optional materials

Earbuds/headphones-I encourage students to bring in earbuds or headphones to use when we have the iPads or for our listening station-these are not mandatory, but are nice to have to keep the volume down in the classroom.  They can be kept in a Ziploc baggie with the student’s name on it or if you have another case that is fine.  

Individual dry erase boards/Clipboards-I do have some, but they are getting old and not quite "white" anymore on some of them.  If students would like to bring their own to keep at their seat that would be great, but not required.


Social distancing and Covid-19

I will follow the guidelines that are set by the school district for social distancing and mask wearing.  These guidelines/rules are still being established and are subject to change.  The administration will be sending out information to all parents.

Please feel free to contact me anytime!  I am so excited to be partners with you on your child’s educational journey!



Mrs. Streete

(812) 386-1222