Getting To Know Us

(photo will be updated to our current class once permission slips are processed)

We are the third graders of Room 15.  We will spend 180 days with our teacher, Mrs. Takayama.  Together we will learn to be better readers and to build our reading stamina.  We will study weather patterns, animal adaptations, forms of energy, Native Americans, our government, and geography.  We will master multiplication and division facts while learning to be problem solvers.  We will learn to express our ideas through verbal and written communication.  Third grade is going to be a great adventure and we are excited to take on this challenge!


I am Mrs. Takayama, the lucky teacher in Room 15.  I graduated from California State University, Fullerton with my bachelor's degree and multiple subject teaching credential in 2004.  Later that year, I started working for the Walnut Valley Unified School district.  I have been with our wonderful district ever since and am planning to retire from here in 40 years or so.  I have wanted to be a teacher since I was 5 years and old, and feel so lucky to be living my life long dream.  Not only do I enjoy teaching, but I also enjoy learning.  I went back to school to get my master's degree in education and my single subject authorization in foundational (middle school) level math.  When I am not at school, my husband, George, and I enjoy spending time with our Shiba Inu, Kuri.   She delights us with her smiling face and tail wags when we get home from work.  She makes us laugh and teaches us about unconditional love.  She also likes to "help" us eat our dinner.  We are fostering a husky named Kumo.  Kuri and Kumo get along well and love to sit nearby as I correct school work and plan at home on the couch. Our family will be growing soon and the pups are excited to meet their new little human sister.