Links for Learning

This website will take you to MIND Research Institute's student login page .  Students will be able to access homework modules at home.  Completed modules will increase their syllabus progress level.  These "games" are created to foster problem solving strategies and provides a visual approach to teaching math concepts.  An app is also available for Android and Apple devices.

This website will allow you to look up the AR level of thousands of books.  Students must complete all AR quizzes at school.  Books, however, may be read independently, with a friend or family member, or aloud to them by anyone.  Once a book is completed, students may bring the book to school and take a quiz on it.

Education Place provides resources for students, teachers, and families to support language arts instruction.  This website has access to an eGlossary, web based games, and information on the author and illustrators.

Talk to your child about our current unit of study and explore this website to prepare them for upcoming lessons or to review what we have already learned.  Students can peruse an atlas, complete online games and activities, and explore multimedia biographies.

Use the link above to log in to the Middlebury Language program.  Having a headset with a microphone for recording with optimize learning.

Use this link to visit Scholastic to place your monthly book order.  Our classroom code is GQ796.  I will send home the paper order forms in Friday Folders each month for you to browse.  You may send them with cash or check to school by the due date, or you may order online.  Ordering online will allow you access to additional catalogs and further cost saving opportunties!