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Math:  1-6


Mrs. T.





Math- 1-5

Reading: students were given their user and passwords for Please have them reread their story, Amazing Grace, this evening.

Relgion tests will not come home until everyone has had a chance to take it. Your child knows their grade. Ask.

Tomorrow is gym. Please help get their bags packed.


Mrs. T.


Third Grade Gazette

Monday, 8/29/11                                815-478-3951

Notes from your teacher:

Students did a nice job getting homework in last week for their first week. No late work all week long! Please make sure you sign your child’s planner each night and return tests, signed.


Thankfully, it will be cooler in our classroom this week. It is difficult to push students too much when they are “wilting” in their seats, but this week will be much more comfortable. We will be getting back into our routine.


When you read the Gazette online, please forgive the missing spaces. I don’t know what happens when I transfer my file over. They magically disappear. (I have enough mistakes without magic).


Religion:  Chapter 3 on the Creation. Test next Tuesday. Study guides will go home Thursday. Students did a good job on their first test.


Language Arts

Reading:   Amazing Grace

Grammar:  Making commands & exclamations

Spelling:  Test is Friday. The list for Amazing Grace is on Please try it out. Search for it under my name.

Writing:  Journaling


Math:  Using charts and making tables to answer questions


Social Studies:  Colonial Days section 1. The New World continued


Upcoming Events

9/11     Grandparents Day, Parish Picnic 12-3

9/14     Room Mother’s Tea

9/17     Market Day 10-11

9/19     Picture Day – Dress Up

9/20     School Board Meeting 6:30pm

9/21     Prayer Service

9/22     Progress Reports, Parent/Teacher Conferences

9/23     No School –Parent/Teacher Conferences

9/26     Iowa Testing all week

9/30     Lucky Sunday tickets Due, Last day for shorts, Back to School Night





Thank you,

Mrs. TalamontiJ