Absences Tardies and Late work


It is preferred students come to school everyday but there will be times that is not possible. In the event that your child is going to miss school please notify the school off to let them know. If you know ahead of time of a students absence and notify me I will put together a packet so your student does not fall behind in school. If not I will give the student the work missed during absence to complete at home. This same policy applies to tardies as well. Any work missed during that time frame will be sent home for completion. Students are expected to be in class on time after ten minutes at the beginnnin g of school and three minutes for all other transitions students will be sent to the office to obtain a late slip. They will also be have to stay behind for five minutes before going to recess. 

Late Work

Due to the age of our students I will not deduct points for late work. Although all work has to be in a week before the end of the semester for me to guarantee that it will be graded. I will try my hardest to get to work that is turned in afterwards but I cannot promise that I can get it graded before grades have to be turned in. It is still important for students to turn work in on time because many assignments build upon each others. Also if a student falls behind it can make it difficult for them to keep up in class.

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