Classroom Policies

Classroom Rules

1. Be Kind    
2.Be Respectful
3.Be Prepared 
4. Be Involved  

In class students will be considerate of their classmates feelings and treat each other politely. They are expected ask before using others property. All property is expected to be used gently and they clean  after themselves. They should come to class everyday with all the supplies that they will need and homework done. They are expected to participate in all activities everyday. It is through our activities that they learn the skills that the need to advance in their education.

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Digital Policy

1. Only use sites that are approved by the teacher
2. Always be polite online
3. Never give personal information online

All school devices have restricted apps and internet. However it is impossible to to block all inappropriate sources. If students are using personal devices it is up to the parents to put restrictions on their devices. Students are only allowed on approved sites at school even if using a personal device. If they are found on any inappropriate sites they will have devices taken away and after repeated offenses loose the privelege all permently. For any digital assignments they will be given an alternative assignment. Classroom rules apply to online conversation students are expected to be kind and respectful at all times. For their safety students are not allowed to give personal information online. If students come across a person on any of the approved sites trying to get personal information from students they are to tell the teacher or other school staff immediately. Please go over internet safety with our students at home. We will be going over internet safety throughout the school year so they can recognize dangerous situations.

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