Our Classroom Website


HI everyone! I am Tarah Weaver and this is our classroom website. I will update this page regularly with current events and the weekly newsletter. On Mondays I will send home a homework folder and it does not need to come back till Friday with completed work.  For the first week of school there will be no homework to allow the children time to adjust from their summer schedules to a school routine. On Wednesday I will send home a communication that is to come home the next day. This week in their communication folders please fill out all necessary school forms and return by the end of week please. I believe that children learn best with memorable  moments that are fun. There will be lots of projected based learning and songs to help them learn new concepts. When possible I will find relevant things that are popular to their age group to use part of lessons. If you have questions at anytime about what we are doing please contact me. I will be staying in the classroom till 6 this week please feel free to come and introduce yourself. I look forward to getting to know everyone this year.

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