Cyberhunt Projects (Multimedia Design)

Cyberhunt Questions Standard III, Objective IICreated by: Kierra Phillips, Timothy Brown, Shataya Celestine, Cale Galloway

  1. Why did the American citizens in Texas want to gain independence from Mexico?
  2. Why did Americans believe in manifest destiny?
  3. Who was the President of Mexico during the time of the Mexican-American conflicts and eventually war?
  4. When was the Treaty of Guadeloupe Hidalgo signed and what were its conditions?
  5. Who went on the Expedition on the Louisiana Purchase?
  6. What is the Louisiana Purchase?
  7. What collapse did the era of good feeling see?
  8. Who was the President during the Era of Good Feelings?
  9. Aside from the provision concerning statehood, the northwest ordinance had two distinct prohibitions there was to be no within the boundaries of the territory and no could be enacted that would impair a contract.
  10. Who coined the term “manifest destiny”?