Sample Lesson Plan Math

Field Placement Lesson Plan KindergartenSarah Terrence  October 5,2009Rubric and Comments
Before the Lesson  
State your goals and align with the curriculum:
  • Voluntary State Curriculum
  • Lesson objective
  • 1-2 sentence description of activity
VSC Math 6.A.1.e. Use concrete materials to build sets 0 to 10 Objectives Students will able to make and recognize sets from 0-5. Students will use acorns to manipulate and make different sets on paper plates.  
Plan to assess:
  • Throughout the lesson how will student learning be monitored?
  • How will you measure new learning at the end of the lesson?
Students learning will be assessed throughout the lesson according to periodic surveys of whole pupil class responses with number cards. In addition, I will assess the students while they are manipulating the acorns in to sets. I will ask the students
  • How many acorns are in a set of 4?
  • Make a set of acorns that is more than < and less than> 3.
I will measure student learning throughout the lesson with a checklist. The checklist will have the students names and  4 columns
  • How many acorns in a set of four
  • More than 3 set
  • Less than 3 set
  • What is a set?
Describe the group of student you will be instructing:
  • Number of children included in lesson
  • Socioeconomic information
  • Race
  • Gender
  • Documented special needs
  • Other pertinent information
There are 15 children in the class 8 boys and 7 girls. There are 3 Hispanic boys, 4 Hispanic girls, 3 White girls, 3 White boys and 1 multiracial boy. The students primarily stem from a lower socio economic culture. There are no IEP’s or 504’s in the class but 2 students that are rated 1,2 receive ESOL instruction. There is one students that is currently being tested for language dominance and another student that is waiting to receive eyeglasses. In addition, 3 students in the class are reading 1st grade leveled books.  

During the Lesson  
  • How will the children transition from their current activity to your lesson?
TransitionThe students will already be sitting on the rug from Calendar math instruction and the Kindergarten News. I will ask transition into the lesson by leading the children in a large motor music and movement exercise to the song High Fives by They Might Be Giants. 
Introduction and Motivation
  • How will you introduce the lesson?
  • How will you motivate the students?
Introduction and MotivationRead AloudI will read The Acorn Tree story retold by Anne Rockwell.I will tell the students that they will get to practice counting and making sets with the acorns that they collected during recess.  
Outline your lesson step by step.
  • Will you provide the students with opportunities to make decisions and choices?
  • Describe accommodations that are needed for children with documented special needs.
  • Describe other adaptations that you are planning so that all children will be successful and engaged during the lesson.
Lesson Plan Step-by-StepMotivation- The students will be able to manipulate the acorns that they found outside at recess.
  1. I will read the story The Acorn Tree
  2. I will model using my finger to count the pictures on the acorn visual aid.
  3. I will then show the students several pictures of acorns and I will ask them to show me how many acorns are in the picture by holding up the right amount of fingers.
  4. I will show the students equal, more than and less than sets with the acorn pictures.
  5. I will model making sets with real acorns on the carpet with the circle sitting in a circle on the rug.
  6. I  will ask for a student volunteer to show a set of 3 acorns on a paper plate.(so that they do not roll around)
  7. I will ask 3 other students to make a sets that are equal, less than and more than then 3 acorn set.
  8. I will ask the students if they have any questions about making a set.
9. I will ask the table captain of the week to pick up a box of acorns (for the table) and a foam placemat for each person at the table.10. I will use sign language to dismiss each table so that each student will be able to practice making sets.11. I will ask the students to take 15 acorns each from the acorn box at the table.11. I will allow the students a couple of minutes to manipulate the acorns then I will give them a paper plate with 6 hot glue circles. 12. I will ask the students to create different  sets on the paper plate .13. While the students are working I will go around and ask them individually questions on the checklist ·         Make a set of 3·         Make a set equal to or the same as 3·         Make a set more than 3·         Make a set less than 3       14. I will ask the students to put all of the acorns into the box on the table.15. I will ask the students to return to the rug.16. I will close the lesson with the counting song …**DifferentiationI will have small reference sheets available for students to look at if they are having difficulty creating sets.**DifferentiationI will ask the students who master counting sets to assist other classmates at their table.MaterialsAcornsChart paper markersVisual aidsVisual aids personalStory The Acorn Tree retold by Anne RockwellPaper plates to make setsAssessment checklist 
  • How will you summarize?
  • How will you provide opportunities for the students to represent and/or reflect upon their new learning and experience?
Conclusion I will conclude the lesson by asking the students ·         What is a set?·         What does equal mean?·         Show me with your fingers a set more than 3.·         Show me with your fingers a set less than 3.Student RefectionStudents will be able to reflect on the lesson by completing an acorn coloring sheet for homework.Students will have another opportunity later in the week to manipulate the acorns by reviewing sets of 0-5 and also by making larger sets of 6-10. 
  • How will the students begin their next activity?
TransitionHopefully we will have time if the weather permits to go outside for a few minutes before lunch. 

After the lesson 
  • Does your assessment indicate that the students learned something new?
  • Were the students engaged?
  • Does this lesson warrant an extension?
  • What went right?
  • What would you have changed?
  • New insights on your growth as a teacher
  • My assessment indicates that although the majority of the students can make sets none of the students could use words to describe a set.
  • The students were engaged for this lesson. They really liked manipulating the authentic  natural acorns.
  • I will definitely be reteaching the definition of a set tomorrow. Two of the students mentioned  laundry in the context of making sets so I will bring in a basket of laundry tomorrow for the students to manipulate into sets.
  • I will also use the acorn manipulatives throughout the rest of the week for various math activities.
  • I was happy that I began this lesson plan with the Acorn Tree read aloud. Moreover I played a song called high five before the students moved from the rug to the tables. This allowed them to expel some energy before focusing on the math task.
  • I would have made the activity more open ended by not numbering the circles on the paper plates. Then the students could have used the pplates in another math application such as sorting or identifying sets that are more than or less than X.
  • I suffer from math anxiety so every successful math activity that I plan is a win. I was happy that I thought through this activity to make differentiated acorn charts and raised circles on the plates so that the acorns would not roll around.
  • Always allow time for a movement activity and time for children to play with new materials.