6th Grade TV Production Weekly Update/Important Dates

Week 1 (Jan 24- Jan 28)

Students receive consent & expectations forms this week.  They must turn these two forms in, in order to be videotaped in this class. Both forms as well as lab fees are due by August 27.    

Start gathering 10-12 photos for My Vacation/My Life project.  Bring photos in by February 1 (odd) & 2 (even).  


Week 2 (Jan 31 - Feb 4) 

We will get to familiarize ourselves with the video cameras this week.  We will learn how to open the tripod, put the cameras on the tripod, turn on the cameras, zoom in and out, etc... 

Bring photos in February 1 (odd) & 2 (even) - Chapter one Test Feb. 3&4

Week 3 (Feb 7 - 11)

We will go over some tutorials to familiarize ourselves with our editing software (Adobe Premiere and iMovie).  After the tutorials, students will begin shooting video of their pictures and editing.


Week 4 (Feb14-17)

Students are shooting video projects.  Once they have shot their My Life/ My Summer projects, they are uploading the video to their computers and beginning to edit.  They will trim their videos, add transitions, effects, graphics/titles and music.


Week 5 (Feb 22-25)

Our first projects are due this week.  We've learned how to save them so we can put them in our flash drives to take home and watch.  We will watch the projects and critique them in class.

First Video Project Due:  Feb. 23 - Odd / Feb. 24 - Even                             

We are now starting to take notes on chapter two and will learn all about the different kinds of microphones.  


Week 6 (Feb 28 - March4)

We will continue taking notes about microphones and will also learn some more T.V. lingo.  

Now that our first project is done, student's knowledge of our video cameras will be put to the test in a camera practical test.  (They will need to put the cameras on the tripod correctly, know how to turn them on, video tape, zoom in and out and play back their video.)

Week 7  (March 7 - 11)

We are covering the PSA packet that was handed out last week.  We are learning about Public Service Announcements and how to write one.  We are also learning about script writing for video.

Students need to select a topic for their PSA from the list given to them or discuss with me an idea on a topic they are interested in working on. They will research their topic, come up with an idea for their video project and start writing the script for their project.

We will be reviewing for our chapter 2 test.   The chapter 2 test is 3/10 (Even) and 3/11 (Odd) 

Week 8   (March 14 - 18)

Students who have finalized their written their script, must get it approved by me first then they may start shooting it.  We will be writing and shooting projects all week.

Week 9

Week 10   

Week 11

Week 12   

Week 13

Week 14  


 Week 15

Students finished taking notes on chapter 3.  We are discussing commercials and how not everything you see in a commercial is true.  We are going over what is expected of students for their next video project in which they will write, shoot and edit their own commercial with a partner.  Our Chapter 3 Test is December 9 (ODD)/ December 10 (EVEN).


Week 16

We will review for our test.  We also will finish writing scripts for our commercials and get them approved, so we can begin to shoot our projects.  Our Chapter 3 Test is December 9 (ODD)/ December 10 (EVEN).


Week 17

Students are at different levels of their commercial projects.  Some have already written scripts and shot video.  Others are still working on scripts.  Ask your child what they have accomplished so far.  

Commercial projects due Jan 13 - Even  / Jan 14 - Odd 

 Have a wonderful winter break!


Week 18 

 Commercial projects due Jan 13 - Even  / Jan 14 - Odd 

Students are working on finalizing their commercials.  All video should be shot this week, if it has not been done already so there is plenty of time to edit.   


Week 19

The semester is quickly coming to an end.  Our commercial projects are due this week and our semester final is this week.  Here are the dates:

Commercial projects/Semester Final:

Jan 13 - Even 

Jan 14 - Odd