6th Grade Class Syllabus


T.V. Production Class Syllabus



The purpose of this one semester Television Production course is to give students a better understanding of what it takes to create videos for television.  


Students will learn: 

The parts of a camera

Recording formats

How to operate a video camera, tripod and microphone 

Shot composition and framing

Types of microphones

Audio mixing

Project planning

Topic approaches - dramatization, documentary, news report & commercial

How to edit video

How to use graphics and titling in videos

The importance of matching the images in your videos with the narration


Behavior Expectations:

Students must be willing to learn and work as an individual and as a member of a team.  Students are expected to always show respect to their teacher, classmates and school equipment.  Students must turn in assignments on time.  If a student misses class, it is their responsibility to approach the teacher to find out what assignments they missed.  


During class, students are to remain seated.  Students should raise their hand if they have a question and wait to be called on.  If student fails to follow class rules, they will receive a warning.  If the behavior continues, they will receive a signature in their Iguana card.  


Computer Use:  

Students will be using the computers to edit their projects.  When on the computers, students are not allowed to change any computer settings, download software, etc...  If caught doing so, you will have your Iguana card signed and lose your computer privileges, which could result in an incomplete project (F).  The internet is only allowed when working on class projects.  If student is found playing games on the computer, they will receive a signature in 

their Iguana card.


Before leaving the class, students must push in their chairs, wrap the headset cords and log off the computer.  Students will receive one warning if they have not done the required.  The next time it is not done, students will receive a signature in their Iguana card.  



Most work in T.V. Production is performed in class.  From time to time, students will be asked to bring in an item from home to video tape, choose a topic or write a script as a homework assignment. It is crucial all assignments are turned in on time.  If it is not, 5 points will be deducted for each day it is late.



After each chapter, students will be tested on materials discussed in class, chapter notes and vocabulary.   A semester final will incorporate information covered throughout the semester.  


   Grading Scale:

   100-90 A

    89-80  B

    79-70  C

    69-60  D

    59-0    F


To further facilitate communication between the school and the parents, all students are issued interim reports during each of the four grading quarters. Students are responsible for taking interims home and showing them to their parents.  Students are responsible for bringing back the interim receipt form with parent signature.  The teacher will request a conference for any student who receives a D or an F in any class.  It is the parent’s responsibility to schedule the conference, if so chosen, by calling the front office (945-1999). 



Making Sure My Child Succeeds:

Make sure your child has access to a computer and to the internet, so they can access my website.  If you do not have a computer at home, there are computers in our school library.  I keep chapter notes (in case they lose them) on my web site and list up to date information and project due dates at http://mrstheriault.educatorpages.com/


Ask your child how they are coming along on their latest project.  If they need more help, I am always available after school.  Make sure your child studies for the chapter tests.