Commercial Project Hand-out/Rubric


:30 Second Commercial  - You will work with a partner.                                        

                                   - Choose a product to advertise.  (No electronics)  

Students must consider:    

          What age group will you market your product to? 

          What is special or unique about your product? 

          What makes your product stand out from all the others? 

          What slogan will you use to "grab" consumers so they will buy your product? 

          Where/how can the consumer get your product?   

Project steps: 

1. Brainstorm - Discuss with your partner what your product will be.  Do not choose any electronics (no phones, cameras, etc...) as your product.  Be sure your product is something you can keep in your backpack for several days, since you may not get to shoot the first time. 

2. Start writing your Commercial in the Script format.  (VIDEO IN LEFT COLUMN/AUDIO ON THE RIGHT COLUMN)    Include a variety of shots of your product (Close up, Medium shot, Wide Shot), include voice over, graphics and music.  Be sure to remember your target audience as you write your commercial.  Include what makes your product unique and the best.  Come up with a slogan for your product if possible. 

3. Remember all we hear in the video goes under audio side of the script and all we see in the video goes under video side of the script. 

4. Use the commercial rubric to make sure you have included all the elements I will be looking for in your script.   

5. When you are done writing your script, submit it to me for approval.  I will not approve scripts that are not in script format.  I must approve your script before you start shooting your video.   

6. Shoot video 

7. Edit video 

8.  Double check video against rubric before saving and submitting.   

If you are waiting for your script to be approved or your script is approved and you are waiting for equipment to use, you are to be working on the BP assignments.  If you have completed the BP assignments, then ask me for scavenger hunts.  (Animal scavenger hunt, Scavenger hunt 3, MP3 Scavenger hunt, Plagiarism Scavenger hunt.)      


Creative, unique & persuasive commercial (Was the overall way the commercial was written and put together original, creative or unique?   Did it convince me to buy the product?) Yes = 10       Sort of = 5       No = 0 pts 


Cover video of product shot by students       Excellent: 10 points   Good: 5 points    No: 0 points 

Shots were held steady and framed properly?Excellent: 10 points   Good: 5 points    No: 0 points 

Were the following included?       

Graphics (Phone numbers, websites, price, stores it can be found at) Excellent: 10 points   Good: 5 points    No: 0pts                                                    

Background Music added somewhere in project (either from Smart  Sound or created in Garage band / Does not need to be throughout)Created on Garage band = 10      Chose song from Smart Sound = 5     No = 0 pts                                                                                


Images match what is being said in the project  Yes = 10    Sort of = 5     No = 0 pts                                               

Proper editing techniques were used  Yes = 10     Sort of = 5   No = 0

Voice over is easy to understand and words are properly pronounced Yes = 10     Sort of = 5   No = 0 

Class Work Time:

Did students work well together as a team?  Excellent: 10 points   Good: 5 points    No: 0 points 

Did each team member use class time given wisely?  Excellent: 10 points   Good: 5 points    No: 0 points

 Partner Evaluation:  (Be honest when you evaluate your partner.)        

Partner Name: 

My Teammate was cooperative:    Yes:   10        A little:  5          No:  0 

My Teammate helped in script writing:   Yes:   20     A little:  10         No:  0 

My Teammate helped develop the concept for our commercial:  Yes:   20     A little:  10         No:  0 

My Teammate helped shoot the project:  Yes:   20     A little:  10         No:  0 

My Teammate listened to me when I had suggestions:  Yes:   10     A little:  5         No:  0 

My Teammate assisted in the editing process:  Yes:   20     A little:  10         No:  0