Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What do I need to do if my child is absent?

  • Please call the front office at (816) 892-1675 to let them know your child will be absent.  If you do not notify the office, they will be calling you to verify where your child is.

2.  What are the special classes and who are the teachers?

  • We have a four day rotation for special classes that is CAMP (Computers Art Music PE).  Your child will not necessarily start with computer class, but the rotation is still the same.  We have computer class with Mrs. Zaner, Art is with Ms. Cartright, Music is with Mrs. Lemen, and P.E. is with Mr. Zaner.  If we have a half day, the next full day is the same special class. So for example, if we have a half day and the special for that day is computer, the next day we will have computer again.  This allows each of the CAMP teachers to have full class time with the students!

3.  What is an agenda?

  • You can purchase an agenda for your child at the office.  Your child will use this each day.  I will rank your child's day so you know what type of day he or she had.  A 4 means he had a perfect day and needed no reminders to follow directions or stay on task.  A 3 means your child had a good day and he did need some reminders.  A 2 means your child had trouble and had to go to the safe seat.  A 1 means your child had problems making good choices and had to visit the focus room.  You will be asked to sign this each night so I know that you've seen it.  We will also write any important information as well as any homework your child has.

4.  What can happen when it's my child's birthday?

  • On your child's birthday, he or she may bring in a snack off of the approved snack list.  No cupcakes, etc. will be allowed into the building.  This also helps us because many children have various food allergies and cannot be around certain foods.  If your child's birthday is on a day where we don't have school, contact me to set up a day your child can bring in his treat.  Please do not send birthday invitations to school as these cannot be passed out in classrooms.

5.  What type of discipline is used?

  • Creekmoor Elementary uses a BIST approach: Behavior Intervention Support Team.  This includes the usage of safe seats, buddy rooms, and the focus room.  You will learn more about this at curriculum night.