Art Websites

Interesting  Websites to Check Out...............

Sycamore..............    You can download classic books onto your Kindle or other electronic devices for free.                                                                  www.khanacademy

Check out these free apps for iphone/ipad that some of the classes have been using in art:

Draw Cast, Sketches, Make a Mosaic($.99), Left vs Right brain game ($.99),Percolator,Retro Art Studio(Lite Brite boards), iOrnament(mandala style drawing), MOMA Art Lab,Pic Stitch, Masterpiece Me, Art Puzzles Plus, Wow FX (free on ipad), Learn to draw, Draw with colored pencils, Graffiti Wall, Art Timeline.

I usually use get my apps for free from APPS GONE FREE or just from searching "free art apps".  I use my own device in class to show the students how to use the apps. I allow the students to use their device in class if they have one, BUT NO PURCHASES are allowed in class/school.  That must be done at home under parental supervision.