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Tecumseh Jr-Sr High School

Stephanie Tichenor,Teacher

Language Arts 8th grade-9th grade


Dear Students,

Although this page may be updated daily and or weekly, you MUST be responsible and write down due dates/test dates within you Tecumseh Jr-Sr HS Agenda Planner. Assignments accurately written in your agenda ALWAYS supercede those listed here unless otherwise noted.

Required Materials for my Classes:

Language Arts-8 Adv.

THS Agenda Planner, Pencil and Pen (blue or black ink only), Red pen for grading, USB flash drive for computer projects, Notebook and binder for Spnges and daily/graded work

Language Arts-8 HA

THS Agenda Planner, Pencil RED for grading, Pens blue or black ink ONLY, Notebook and binder for sponges and daily assignments/graded work

Language Arts 9-All classes

THS Agenda Planner, Blue and black ink pen, 5 folders with prongs, 1 binder for graded work, 1 binder for Study Guides, Loose leaf paper 200 ct, USB flash drive (8 GB)~Keep USB flash drive with the laptops that your parent purchased at the beginning of the school year