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We are down to the wire!

Wow! Time is flying by. We will hit summer before we know it. Guys and
Girls, please, please, please take time to do your assignments, turn them in,
and study for exams. This is not the time to take your own personal spring
break. Stay focused on your academics and challenge yourselves to excel in
all of your classes. You will be proud of what you can accomplish with a
little work and consistency. Your high school career follows you for a very
long time, so make sure you do your very best...everyday!

Welcome Back Everyone!

Let's get this semester started with a refreshed attitude for learning. This
starts with new grades, so challenge yourself to do even better than last
semester. I have high expectations of each one of you and you are capable of
meeting them! Let's show everyone what we are really capable of.

Review your lessons before class and after class for additional exposure to
the material.

Use your time wisely at home and at school. Come prepared and ready to learn!

Commit to honoring your learning experience by taking notes, listening to
others, and participating in class.


Students need to make sure they have completed all assignments and turned them
in! The end of the 2nd nine weeks is next Friday, January 9. Report cards
will be issued the following week and grades will start over for the the 2nd
semester. Make sure you are doing your very best everday in class.:)

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Check out our Class Blog at the lower left-hand tab:
Weapons of Math Instruction, especially the new feature ~ Caught in the Act

Thank you for coming to NHS Back To School. It is always nice to meet parents
of our students. Please remember to sign up for the email updates on the
bottom left-hand link. We are partners in supporting each other with the goal
of producing productive citizens.

ALGEBRA I AND II will receive information next week on projects for each
course. The project will be cumulative over several chapters/months with
periodic updates. A schedule will be given to each student with details on
all interim and final deadlines.

Geometry, Financial Math, Algebra 1, & Algebra 2 fee covers project supplies,
paper, printer ink, etc.
Web Design fee covers paper, discs, printer ink, etc.

Textbooks or CD-editions for Math classes will be issued.
Gifted/Talented: Suggested Graphing Calculators: TI 83, 83+, 84, etc.
recommended. You may find good quality calculators on

Class Supply List:
Looseleaf paper
1 Binder or Folder
Pencils (Mechanical pencils are allowed)
Math fee (for project supplies)

Class Supply List:
Each student needs a cd, dvd or flashdrive and it is the responsibility of
student to have a current backup copy of ALL work.
Web Design & Desktop Publishing Fee (for supplies)