Homework for the Week of March 18th

Assignments for the Week of March 18th. All homework is due on Fridays

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday


20 mins. IXL- Fractions                                 20 mins. IXL-                        Fractions                                 
  • 20 mins. IXL-Fractions
  • Study for Thursday's test on fractions                                          
20 mins. IXL-           Decimals                    

Language Arts

Read for 20 mins.

Have parents sign your reading log

Complete Venn Diagram

Read for 20 mins.

Have parents sign your reading log



Complete Vocabulary worksheet

Read for 20 mins

Have your parents sign your reading log

Study for tomorrow's spelling and vocabulary test

Reading Logs due Friday.


      Complete Science Fair Worksheet

Social Studies

Complete map with State Capitals Complete Mystery State Worksheet    


Vocabulary Words


Spelling Words

admire                   popular                 

custom                  public         

famous                  twist



  1. to                 10. flour            Challenge Words
  2. too               11. flower        16. their
  3. two              12. write         17. there
  4. week            13. right          18.they’re
  5. weak            14. new           19. weather
  6. our              15. knew          20. whether
  7. hour
  8. stair
  9. stare