Mrs. Hoffman's Pre-Kindergarten Class Website

Welcome to Mother Catherine Spalding’s Pre-Kindergarten!  I am very pleased to extend this greeting to you and your child. My name is Mrs. Victoria Hoffman, your child’s teacher. I am sure that everyone is as excited as I to begin the school year!  Pre-Kindergarten is a special time for young children.  It is in most cases their first “school” experience. It will be a year of incredible growth marked by the development of new physical, social and intellectual skills. In my Pre-K program, I will strive to create an experience that encourages development of each child’s potential to the fullest.  I am thrilled to have the pleasure of sharing in his/her learning and growth.  Together, you and I can make a very special year for all.

I would like to begin by introducing myself. As many of you know, this is my first year as the Pre-Kindergarten teacher at MCS. It is however, not my first year at Mother Catherine. I began my teaching career 17 years ago here as a first grade teacher.  I remained at Mother Catherine for four years teaching both first grade and Kindergarten.  I taught for the next seven years for St. Mary’s County Public Schools in a variety of elementary grades and as an Instructional Resource Teacher.  I hold a Bachelors Degree in Human Devleopment from St. Mary’s College and a Master’s Degree in Leadership in Teaching from Notre Dame of Maryland University.  I also have over 25 post graduate credits as well.  I hold a Maryland State Advanced Professional Teaching Certificatein both Early Childhood and Elementary Education and am eligible for an Adminstrator certificate as well.  I left my teaching career six years ago upon the birth of my oldest daughter, Hannah, who will be in first grade at MCS this year.  I also have a four year old daughter, LilyJane. I have been married to my husband Frank for 10 years. We currently live in La Plata, however,  I am originally from Leonardtown and graduated from Leonardtown High School. I am thrilled to be returning to Mother Catherine. I love this school and feel as if I am coming back home! 

In closing, I would like to stress the importance of working together in educating your child. You are your child’s first and most important teacher. I will do everything in my power to help your child to be a successful learner. However, I can not do this alone. We need to work hand in hand as a team.  This will be a tremendous transition for a child at this age and I certainly respect any concerns you may have.  Please stress with your child the importance of school. Help your child at home by reviewing schoolwork, reading together every day, and discussing all of the great (and sometimes not so great!) things that happen at school. I will help in any way I can. I love teaching and am thrilled to be returning to it. I am here to help your child and you as well. If you ever have a question, please do not hesitate to call or email me ( and I will promise to do the same.  Thank you for entrusting me with your child. With God’s guidance and prayer, I feel we will successfully work together and have an excellent school year.