Weather Activites

Weather    Mrs. Voller 

Weather vs. Climate    What is the Difference?

Head to this Website, here you will discover the difference between Climate and Weather and look at 7 different climate regions in the United States. After you complete these two links you need to take the online quiz. Copy your answers and bring to class on the due date. Good luck!  


    2.Answer the following questions in complete sentences:

  • What do you think of when you hear the word "weather"?
  • How does weather affect our daily lives? (Ex. what kinds of clothes do you wear, outdoor activities that you do, etc.)
  • What kinds of things would you look for if you wanted to describe the weather of a particular day to someone else?
  • What kinds of information are important to collect?


3.Here is a great site to learn about clouds. Read each description. Analyze each type of cloud by creating a cloud chart with 4 facts about each. Look for similarities and differences to help you learn about each type.  Make sure you find the information that matches the cloud types on the handout "KInds of Clouds" page 14. This will make your study guide.


Weather Symbols

4. By learning to read a weather map you can learn to forecast the weather for Raynham. First you need to be able to read  weather symbols. Check this website out. Pay careful attention to the symbols for fronts and the selected weather symbols.  Make a chart of these two things for yourself. You will use these to read a weather map. You can also click on the link and make a copy for your notebook.


Weather Forecasting

5.This next website is the first step in weather forecasting. Read this page and take notes. This will become your study guide.              


6. Severe weather conditions like Hurricanes can really impact our lives. This website helps you understand just what a hurricane is and how to be safe!


 Make a list of 10 things you learned at this site about Hurricanes.  Be sure to click on the UCAR link. This website gives you the breakdown on Hurricanes.  

Aim a Hurricane  ~Try for Fun

7. Here is a great interactive lesson plan that lets you aim a hurricane. It lets you move the hurricane symbol, high pressure symbol and low pressure symbol to track your very own hurricane. Sometimes your hurricane will make landfall, other times it misses the U.S. all together. You will  understand how important the setup of weather impacts where hurricanes go.

Create a Hurricane ~ Try for Fun


8. Here is another great interactive site that allows you to create your very own hurricane. It lets you try to create ideal hurricane conditions by changing the winds, latitude, moisture, and sea temperature. It even keeps score!


9. This website lets you see the destructiveness of a tornado. Create a product to teach someone all about tornadoes. Use your website for knowledge. You may create any product ( poster, charts, PowerPoint, etc) Be sure to include the answers to these questions.

  • What is a tornado?
  • How do tornadoes form?
  • What is a funnel cloud?
  • What is a wall cloud?
  • What is a waterspout?
  • When are tornadoes most likely to occur?
  • Where are tornadoes most likely to occur?

 Weather Instruments~Make a Class Weather Station

10. Build one of the following weather instruments. Directions are provided for each. This is for extra credit. Due by the end of the Weather Unit. See me for the date.


  1. Barometer (Air pressure)
  2. Rain Gauge (Precipitation)
  3. Thermometer (Temperature)
  4. Wind Vane (Wind Direction)
  5. Anemometer (Wind Speed)


  JUST FOR FUN!!!!!!          Awesome Experiment