Round 5 Word Problems

Name ____________________   Round 5     Four Square method .  SHOW WORK!  Problem                                                                                                   Solution                  
A/ Matt dines at a fabulous restaurant. His total bill is $30.88. The meal tax is 5 %. He wants to tip the waitress, Erin,  20 % of his total meal price. How much does he spend for the dinner, tax, and tip combined?    
B/ Subway is having a sale on subs. Each sub is 15% off (regular price is $5.10 including tax). Vinnie wants to buy his usual 11 subs to lose some weight. What is his total?

C/ Jennie, Jessica, Cassie, and Jolece went to M.V.P SPORTS to buy some basketballs. As they walked in, they saw a sign that said ½ off all clothing. They wanted to purchase 20 basketballs. Each one cost $13.50. They have $265. How many will they be able to buy and how much money will be left over? 
D/. Mrs.Voller goes to Wal-Mart. They’re having a sale. She gets a hot pink and lime green striped pleather jacket ($45.23), a pair of purple monkey toe socks ($8.52), and a new fuzzy, leopard print watch with glow-in-the- dark hands ($20.78). The jacket is 30% off, the socks are 10% off, and the watch is 15% off. There is a sales tax of 5%. How much does she pay if she has a gift card of $25.00? 
E/ Kiley and Hannah go to Target.  They each go to buy gloves ($4.00), boots ($16.00), a hat ($15.00), and a leather jacket ($100.00).  The gloves and boots are 30% off.  The hat and jacket are 20% off.  There is a sales tax of 5%.  How much did the girls spend all together? 
F/ Sierra, Nicole, and Emily went shopping. Sierra spent $32.50 on 3 pairs of jeans, 5 shirts, and 1 pair of socks. Nicole spent $54.95 on a CD player and a CD. Emily spent $999.99 on a pig. What was 10% and 20% off the total with 5% tax?

G/ Mariah walks into a store, and see pants, a shirt, and shoes. The prices are pants=$23.55, shirt=$18.99, and shoes=$74.39. She sees a sign and mistakes it for 30% off everything, and she has just the right amount of money. When she get to the cash register it rings up 18% off. How much more money do she need?

H/ 997 students attend B-R. Last week a virus struck many students and staff. 35 % of the students take the bus, 16 % walk, 17 % are dropped off, 14 % drive their cars and 18 % skateboard to school. Today 27% of the students are out sick and 21% are gone on a field trip. How many are in school today?