Round three Word Problems

Name___________________Use the foursquare method to attack each of these problems. Good luck!   SHOW YOUR WORKRound 3PROBLEM                                                                                     SOLUTION/label
A/ Brandon has a collection of fewer than thirty hacky sacks. When he puts them in two, four, and five equal piles, he has none left over. When he put them in piles of equal piles of three and six, he has two left over. Exactly how many hacky sacks does Brandon have? 
B/ After his birthday in March, Connor decided he wanted to start a collection of beanie bag stuffed toys. He started with two given him as birthday gifts. Then each month he received a new one from his aunt. In which month did he get have a dozen beanie babies in his collection? 
C /Mariah has a collection of fourteen ghost, witches and scarecrows for Halloween. The number of witches is four less than the number of ghosts. The number of scarecrows is two less than the number of witches. How many witches and scarecrows does she have? 
D/ Vaun bought nine bags of candy at the store totaling $30.69. He bought some bags that were $3.01 and the rest of the bags cost $3.73 each. How many bags of the $3.73 candy did he buy? 
E/ Noemi bought 25 oranges for $5.oo. How many should she get for $15?  
F/ If the temperature starts out in the morning at 13 C but drops 17 by midnight (a cold front blew in) what is the temperature then? 
G/ Cassi is saving for a trip to her cousin's house in another state. She figures she needs $281 to have a comfortable trip. To earn money she mows lawns. Each mowing earns her $16. She already has moved eight lawns. How many more lawns must she mow to get at least $281? 
H/ Emily is a teacher. She starts the day with seventy-nine pieces of candy. At the end of the day she has given away 219 pieces of candy. How many more pieces of candy did she have to get, in addition to her original seventy-nine, to be able to give away that many pieces? 
I/ You are playing a game in which each player wins, loses, or draws (ties) at each turn. For each turn won, you are awarded 5 points. If you lose the turn, you lose 5 points. If it is a draw, you get 0 points. For the first dozen rounds, you had the following results: win, win, draw, win, lose, lose, win, lose, draw, lose, lose and lose. What was your point total for the rounds?