Project Ideas

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a letter to their parents or to the editor of the local paper

an ABC book illustrating something that is shared with lower gradesdesign a device to solve a problem (either picture or actual model)docent led tours of 3D projects that students have created
a web pagea pamphleta storya paper mache model
a series of journal entries concentration game with vocabularyan email exchange about a certain topica poster or part of a bulletin board
a video production a radio showa playa living museum
an Inspiration web detailing topics and details of steps or learned conceptsstudent developed questions for Jeopardy or other puzzlesa travel brochure detailing locations, landforms, travel and accommodationsa PowerPoint of a timeline, cycle, or alphabet book of vocabulary
an advertisementa debate of issuesa speecha mock trial
magazine, newspaper or TV article or editorialillustrated cartoon stripconduct, plan, give an interview write, produce a newscast
classroom newsletterteach a lessonvideo scrapbook
a three dimensional displaytimeline with most important event and whya review activity in SMART Notebook to be shared through the shared foldera "structured" class debate
a rap or songclassroom store  a poem   travel brochure