This is the only time I get to tell all I guess...Foot in mouth

I am originally from Florida, but raised in New York, and educated in Alabama. I am happily married to Mr. G. Wade, III. We are the proud parents of a beautiful and energetic baby girl. Innocent

I have been teaching at Alcy for 8 years. I have taught K4 - K5 for six years and 1st &2nd grade for two years. 

My philosophy on Christian Education is simply this, we as humans are given the opportunity to learn and grow. As christians, we are given an opportunity to learn and grow under the leardership and guidance of other christians. We must continually provide avenues for our children that are safe, inviting, and filled with love and correction. I will always see educating children as my gift from God. As they learn, I learn, and as they grow, I grow also. I will be committed to providing my students the best that I have through the strength that God gives me. It is my duty as a teacher at Alcy to rightfully follow the mission statement: "Preparing young minds for now and eternity."

Let's work together to make this a great year!Wink