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Wow!!!  Our class got noticed by Mr Burgess again...



Yet again I have been very impressed by Prep /1’s lesson

on the colours of the rainbow and how rainbows are

formed. It makes me feel extremely pleased when these

young students are asking and answering questions that I

would have to research myself to join in the conversation.

It’s a good thing I can talk my way out of these tricky

situations. I am also very impressed with our teachers’ use

of our new interactive whiteboards. There have been some

dynamic lessons delivered capturing students’ interest and

attention to the concepts being taught.


It has been great to meet with parents at Parent/Teacher Interviews.  I have appreciated the positive feedback about our class and I hope I have been able to share a bit more about your child.  


Coming up in the next couple of weeks:

*  Monday 29th - Miss McDonald is visiting our class.  She is in her final year of University and is completing her internship with our class.  Amy worked with me last year and she will be a great asset to our class.  In the afternoon at 2:10pm, you are invited to come along to our room to view the Easter DVD that my husband and I have made for the children as an Easter gift. 

*  Tuesday 30th - The Easter Concert will be held in the hall commencing at 9:10am. You might like to bring a chair to place at the back of the hall, rather than having to stand.

*  Wednesday 31st - School Cross Country will be held at the Senior Oval.  It will also commence at 9:10am and taking a chair would once again be advisable.

*  Thursday 1st April is the last day of the term - expect some April Fool's Jokes from your children!!!


Have a great Easter and keep an eye on this site as I will work on adding more to it soon.


Kerryn WalshSmile


"Live each day as if it were your last!"