Websites         Have you all had a chance to look at this site with your children?  It has lots of Maths activities     A phonics/literacy site that we use often on our Interactive White Board (IWB)


Computer Program - Kidpix    We will be using it in the computer lab.  It is quite reasonably priced and would be worthwhile purchasing. This site has some simple and fun games related to abc shows on television.     This is a British site that is a bookstore.  It has many books that you can not source in Australia, is usually much cheaper, is priced in Australian dollars and MOST importantly... does not charge for delivery!!!  I have ordered lots through them and the books arrive approximately 10 days later, very well packaged.  An example of what I have bought are Magic Tree House books for $3.95 each.    At this site you can type in a title of a book, then it lists different bookstores, online bookstores with the prices they charge for that book and delivery costs.  It lists the Book Depository, Big W, Amazon, Fishpond, Borders, Angus & Robertson and so on.  The Book Depository comes out as one of the cheapest each time. This site has activities for older age groups too, so you would need to select suitable activities for your child that are not too difficult. This is a Maths site where you can select different algorithms...

they do start easy enough for addition and subtraction and could then provide challenges as children progress. I would suggest not setting a time limit,

then if your child wants to use counters etc to work out the answer, they can.