What we have been learning

  • The five senses - the children should be able to state what each sense is, which part of the body helps with this sense and some technical information about each sense ie. the pupil gets bigger in dark places and smaller in bright places and that small particles of scents travel through the nasal cavity to the brain where it detects what the smell is straight away.  Quiz your child on their knowledge.  They should also be able to tell you about some of the experiments we carried out.

  • We have been busy learning some 'real' songs.  So far we have learnt Rockin' Robin, Believe It Or Not, some of Ain't No Mountain High Enough and we are currently learning The Neverending Story... so if your child suddenly sings along with one of these songs on the radio, you will know how they know the words.  I am very impressed with their ability to learn the words so well.  We have lots of fun at our Singing Assemblies!!

  • To reinforce the -ai sound we coloured in rainbows and learnt the correct order of the colours of the rainbow.  Ask your child if they can explain it to you... they have been told about Mr Roy G. Biv and they know that each letter of his name stands for a colour... Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo and Violet.  Can you try and do lots of rainbow spotting?  I saw a great rainbow this afternoon!

  • The Preps have been doing fabulous 'Magic Writing' which is writing that maybe only they can read, but they can read it to me and then I can do Gilston Writing on their page.  They even get a magic wand on their page and around them.  The magic is even working with the Year Ones, as they are making a big effort to make their writing interesting and trying to write a bit more.  Good work!!

  • In Number work, we have been doing number facts to 10 ie. 2+8=10   3+7=10 and so on.  They are learning that these numbers always go together to make 10.

  • We have also been learning LOTS of hands on games to reinforce Maths concepts.  Many involve dice and counters.  It is always beneficial for children to be involved in hands on activities to consolidate learning.