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World Map w/continents, oceans, hemispheres

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School House Rocks video "No More Kings"

School House Rocks! video "Preamble"

Click your Way Through the Preamble game

Preamble Crossword Puzzle

Preamble Fill-In game

Preamble Mad Lib game

Democracy It Is! video

Native Americans

Artifacts museums

Mysterious Artifacts Game

Mr Donn's Artifacts game list

Native American Origin Stories video

How Native Americans came to America video

Native American Adventures

Northeast Region info


US History- Colonial Times

Gold, God, Glory video

Did Columbus Discover America? video

Early English Settlements

Intro to Slavery video

Atlantic Slave Trade video

Life of an Enslaved Person video

African Slave Story Quilts

What Life was Like in Colonial Williamsburg? video

Life in Colonial Williamsburg video

Being a Blacksmith

Being a Weaver

Art in Colonial America

Music of the 17th/18th Century

American Revolution

Causes of the American Revolution video

Boston Tea Party video

Too Late to Apologize video

Writing the Declaration of Independence video

The Declaration of Independence

American Revolution: The Two Sides

The U.S.A Constitution

The Constitutional Convention

Intro to Constitution - Preamble


What the Preamble Really Means

"We the Kids" Read Aloud

What the Preamble means to me

Westward Expansion

Map of USA in 1783

Why did people move west?

Louisiana Purchase

Louisiana Purchase for kids

Lewis and Clark Expedition


War of 1812

Star Spangled Banner

Trail of Tears

The Battle of the Alamo

Alamo Today

Mexican-American War

Pre-Civil War

Differences between North and South in 1800s

Causes of US Civil War

What Lincoln REALLY thought about slavery

Civil War Parody

The Underground Railroad

Maine's Role in the Underground Railroad

Facts about Abe Lincoln

Frederick Douglas' speech

Abolitionists by Mr Donn

Abolitionists by Ducksters

Abolitionists by