First Grade Fun!

 Reading & Phonics




This is another great website for children of many ages. It helps to improve letter sounds, fluency and comprehension.  This is a favorite of many first graders!


This website includes all kinds of math games including dot-to-dots, puzzles, addition and money! It is great for children of many age levels.

 Spelling City

Use this site to practice your spelling words each week. You can play games, take a practice test or even practice old spelling words. Just click on Mrs. Wetherell's name and the story of the week.

 1st Grade Language Arts

Parents may have to help thier first graders find games on this website. There are lots of very easy and very good games that many first graders will enjoy.

 Cool Math

Yet another great site for teachers, parents and kids. This site is full of all math skills from many differnent skill levels.



Johnny's Math Page

This is easy for first graders to navigate. This site includes lots of games to improve many primary age math skills.