Homework Policy  

 "Every job is a self-portrait of the person who did it.
Autograph your work with excellence"

Why homework is assigned?

        Homework is vitally important to any child's school success. 

It is a time for your child to review and practice important skills learned in the classroom. Studying at home enhances student achievement, helping to develop self-discipline and good work/study habits. 

Not only does it reflect the concepts that students are learning,

but it also gives additional practice to difficult skills while enriching their evening hours.

It also encourages responsibility and independence. I know you will agree with me that it is "the practice" that helps each of us become better at whatever we try to do. 

Unfortunately, our school time is not long enough for students to practice everything they learned each and every day.

 Homework is to be assigned daily (Mon.-Fri.) along with a 30 minute reading time from a book, novel, or magazine of the student's choice. 

Homework is not a punishment and should be viewed as a way to improve academics. 

In addition to regular assignments, homework in my classroom may be

assigned for the following reasons:

   **Practice: to help students master specific skills which have
been presented in class. 

**Absence: to make up work missed during an excused absence.

: to finish work not completed at school for which time has
been given to do so in class.

: to provide students with opportunities to
transfer specific skills or concepts to new situations.

**Preparation: to help students prepare for the next step in a unit or study for a quiz or test.

Be Responsible, Be Respectful and Get a Good Education!

*On Monday, students will receive homework assignments and directions to complete them for the entire week. Homework should take no more than 60 minutes per night.  Students must read 15 minutes or more each night and record progress on their reading log. 

spin.gifThis year as a class our goal will be to have 100% of students earning the "GOLD" star in our Accelerated Reading program!!

*If homework is not turned in on time or is incomplete, your child will be given a pink slip listing what needs to be done.  A parent/guardian must sign this slip. The late/incomplete homework must be attached to the signed slip and returned the next day.

Students who bring in their homework EVERYDAY and COMPLETE for an entire week will receive 3 tokens. If homework is returned on time the entire month the student will become a member of the Homework Champs Club and receive a reward and their name on the class website

(*see "Homework Champs" page).

Homework Help!

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