Señora Whyte

Spanish 1 and 2

Procedures will help establish our daily routines and will help us to function more efficiently. Your participation in these procedures show your respect for the teacher, other students, and most importantly yourself

.Entering the Classroom:

  •   Go directly to your desk
  •  Take out your pencil, paper/notebook, and homework
  •  In notebook, write your name, the date, and the agenda for the day
  •  Promptly begin the daily bell ringer in your notebook.

 When you are tardy:

·         If the tardy is excused (green pass)- sign in at the table- you must have a note from another teacher, counselor, principal or attendance office- please leave the note on my desk and take your seat.

·         If the tardy is unexcused (red pass or no pass), go directly to SAFE.             

 When you are absent:

  •    Make sure you have given the attendance office a note
  • Get the make-up assignments/work from a classmate and write it down.
  •         Pick up any worksheets from the appropriate area.
  •         You will have the number of days you were absent plus one to complete any missed work. Any work after this time will be considered late and the late work policy will apply.
  •          I will not ask you for make-up work. It is the responsibility of the student to complete the assignments missed.
  •       Ask for the assignment before or after school. I will not give you work in the middle of class. 

Leaving the Classroom:

  • Permission to leave the classroom will be given on an emergency basis only.
  •       Students are to bring all material to class. You will receive bathroom passes for twice a semester. You will not be able to leave the classroom to get homework out of locker.
  • The 15/15 rule is enforced.  

End of class dismissal:

  • I dismiss the class, not the bell.
  •    Before being dismissed, all books must be returned to the shelves and the area around your seat must be picked up.

Heading your paper:

  •  In the top right corner, include your full name, date and class hour. In the center top line, include full assignment title. (ex. Page number, exercise, activity, etc.)
  •  No name papers will be discarded and the owner will not receive credit.  


  • All school wide rules will be enforced in this classroom.
  • There will be no food or drinks in this class.
  •  No sleeping in this class, please get enough sleep at home.
  •  If you are disrupting class, I may require you to finish your work in isolation.
  •  If you write on the desks, you will clean them.
  •    If you make any sort of mess, you will be required to clean it up.
  •  No cell phones, IPODs, portable games, etc. are permitted in class. If you don’t silence them or turn them off, I will confiscate them and follow Fayette County procedures.

When can I…?  

  •    Sharpen your pencil- during non-teaching times (ex. Group work, silent work) Not during teaching times (ex. Checking homework, explaining new concept, collecting papers, during a test)
  • Throw away paper- during non-teaching times
  • Talk- you may not talk during teaching times, tests, quizzes, silent work, homework check, and all other said assignments unless called upon. You may freely discuss your group projects with your assigned group.
  • Things you need and need to know:


2” binder with paper OR A notebook and a folderb.      Pens (black or blue) and pencils 

 YOU NEED TO KNOW:          

  I will be available:

 Every day from 7:55 -3:30  

 I will be here until 5:00PM on Wednesdays 

Other meetings will be by appointment (one week notice) 

Contact me at

Essentials for being successful in class:

o   Study vocabulary everyday

o   Ask questions

o   If at first you don’t succeed, try try again and then try again.

o   Be organized

o   Follow procedures