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Welcome to Holy Spirit School Science!!!
Mrs. Wilt

The middle school science curriculum is designed to help students develop critical thinking skills that will enable them to be better problem solvers and intelligent decision makers.  Students will be involved in hands on learning activities that include lab exercises, vocabulary development, learning about science based careers, current events, and the use of technology in science. 


Grading Policy:

Grades will be determined by an average of all student work, including:

 Tests                                                                        30%

Quizzes/Review Sheets                                     20%

   Homework/Projects                                         20%

   Labs                                                                          20%

 Class Participation                                             10%



Tests will be given at the end of a chapter or major unit of study.  Tests will always be announced and a review will take place in class on the day before the test.


Quizzes will be offered periodically to reinforce concepts learned in class.  Quizzes may not always be announced.


Homework will be assigned regularly and will be collected and graded on the due date.  Any homework assignments handed in a day late will lose 20 points, and any assignments handed in two days late will lose 30 points.  No homework will be accepted past two days after the due date.  All homework assignments will be written on the board at the front of the classroom, and should be copied into the student’s agenda daily.


Labs will be conducted once a week during a designated lab period.  Students will write up labs in the lab section of their binders.  They will be assessed on how well they work with their partner or group, the neatness of their work, ability to follow directions, and how well they analyze and interpret their data.  Students are encouraged to attend all Lab sessions because most of the lab work we do in class cannot be repeated at home.  Any student who is absent for a lab will be given an alternative assignment to complete.


Class Participation includes being prepared for class, participation in laboratory exercises and classroom discussions, completion of “Questions of the Day” and “Closing Questions,” and binder checks. Binders must be maintained with all handouts and notes from the quarter.  Students will be assisted in the organization and maintenance of their binders.   Near the end of each quarter, binders will be collected and checked for completeness and neatness.  Binder checks will be announced ahead of time.  Binder quizzes, requiring the students to locate information in their binder to answer questions on the quiz, may be substituted for binder checks at my discretion.


Lab safety is extremely important in every classroom or lab.  Lab safety will be taught during the first lab session, and all students and parents will sign a laboratory safety contract.  Any student who does not follow the lab safety rules will receive a failing grade for that lab.  It is particularly important that students do not perform unauthorized activities or experiments.  Any students who misuse equipment or materials will receive a failing grade for that lab.  Students who consistently do not follow lab safety rules will lose their privilege to participate in laboratory exercises.


Makeup Policy: Absent students are required to make up all assignments and tests.  The daily handouts are left in the back of the room, and daily homework will be listed on the blackboard.  Please check with your classmates for work or notes that you missed, and then see Mrs. Wilt with any questions.  It is the student’s responsibility to get their make-up work.


Extra Help: I am available for help after school as needed.  Please contact me as soon as possible if you feel that your student needs additional support.  I will also contact parents immediately if I notice that a student needs extra help after school.


Parent communication is very important to our team.  Parents are encouraged to contact me immediately if there are any questions or concerns regarding your student.  Any phone calls or emails received prior to 3:00pm will be returned the same day.  Please contact me at anytime if you would like to discuss your child’s progress, have questions about classroom or lab activities, or would like to schedule a conference.  You may contact me or leave a voicemail message by calling the school office (I am extension 32) or you may email me at  I look forward to working with you and your student this school year.