Physical Science

Physical Science
(7th Grade Advanced & 8th Grade)

Welcome to Physical Science!  This year, we will study the Earth’s systems.  This class has been designed to address Objectives 3, 4, and 5 from the NY State Science Standard 4- “The Physical Setting” and will focus on the following concepts:


1.      Scientific Inquiry

2.      Measurement & The Metric System

3.      Describing Matter

4.      Solids, Liquids, and Gases

5.      Atoms and the Periodic Table

6.      Chemicall Reactions

7.      Acids, Bases, and Solutions

8.      Motion, Forces, and Energy



Required Materials:

     Text Book

     Three ring binder dedicated to science

     Tabbed Dividers

     Lined paper (with holes to fit in your binder)

     1 pocket folder (with holes to fit in your binder)

     Pencils and a highlighter

     Black Composition Notebook




     Come to class with an open mind.

     Have a positive attitude.

     Be a team player.

    Ask questions, develop hypotheses, and conduct experiments.

     Come to class ready to focus on the day’s material.

     Participate in laboratory activities.

     Contribute to classroom discussions.

    Be willing to challenge yourself.

     Treat everyone (teachers, volunteers, and other students) with respect.

     Follow the rules set forth in the Middle School Handbook.

           Demonstrate Catholic values.