Life Science

Life Science
(6th Grade Advanced and 7th Grade)

Welcome to Life Science!  This class is a basic introduction to life science.  Students will be involved in hands on learning activities that include lab exercises, vocabulary development, research, current events, and the use of technology in science.  A major goal of the life science course is to develop critical thinking skills that will enable students to become better problem solvers and intelligent decision makers.  The life science course covers Key Ideas 1-7 of the NY State Science Standard 4- “The Living Environment.” Our study will include the following:


  1. Lab Safety
  2. The Scientific Method
  3. Measuring & the Metric System
  4. Ecology
  5. Energy Flow and Nutrient Cycling
  6. Structure and Function of Cells
  7. Organization of Life
  8. Biological Traits and Heredity/Genetics
  9. Evidence of Evolution
  10. The Human Body


Required Materials:

     Text Book

     Three ring binder dedicated to science

     Tabbed Dividers

     Lined paper (with holes to fit in your binder)

     1 pocket folder (with holes to fit in your binder)

     Pencils and a highlighter

     Black Composition Notebook



     Come to class with an open mind.

     Have a positive attitude.

     Be a team player.

     Ask questions, develop hypotheses, and conduct experiments.

     Come to class ready to focus on the day’s material.

     Participate in laboratory activities.

     Contribute to classroom discussions.

     Be willing to challenge yourself.

     Treat everyone (teachers, volunteers, and other students) with respect.

     Follow the rules set forth in the Middle School Handbook.   

           Demonstrate Catholic values.