Transitional Words

List of Transition Signals
Of course, these would be capitalized at the beginning of a sentence.


To indicate sequence or order
first, second, etc. at this point followed by next, last, finally, previously, subsequently, after that, first of all, and then, next, before, after, concurrently, at this time, meanwhile, simultaneously


To introduce an example
for example, for instance, in this case, on this occasion, to illustrate, to demonstrate, this can be seen when/where, . . . take the case of,


To indicate time
immediately, thereafter, formerly, prior to, previously, finally, then, soon, during, at that time, before, after,


To logically divide an idea
firstly, secondly, thirdly, initially, subsequently, ultimately, first, next, finally,


To compare in a different way/sense, similarly, likewise, whereas, balanced against, by comparison, similar to, like, just like, conversely,


To contrast in contrast, on the other hand, balanced against, however, on the contrary, unlike, a different view, is differing from,


To introduce an additional idea in addition, also, finally, moreover, furthermore, one can also say, and then, further, another, besides, that, nor,


To introduce an opposite idea or show exception
however, on the other hand, instead, whereas, while, in spite of, yet, nevertheless, but, despite, even though, but one could also say . . . still in contrast,


To give an example
for example, in this case, take the case of, to illustrate, for instance, to demonstrate,


To summarize or conclude
in summary, in conclusion, in brief, as a result, on the whole, summing up, as shown, ultimately, therefore, consequently, thus, in other words, to conclude.
















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