Kindergarten Word List

This is the kindergarten word list. Your child must be able to recognize at least 29 of these words(as well as having mastered other important kindergatren skills)in order to be promoted to first grade. Keep in mind, he/she does not have to be able to spell the words, only to recognize them. Most weeks I will introduce one or two of these words. Some weeks I won't introduce any new words. We will begin working on the color words very quickly and continue throughout the year.

This is one of the areas where you can be of the greatest help to your beginning reader. Make a set of flash cards from index cards, and go over these words daily. I will always try to let you know which words we are working on, but it's okay to work ahead as well. Ten to fifteen minute a day can make a huge difference in your child's success!Wink

my               the               like               go               we               on               to               you               have

do               what               no               see               look            come          for              me               one

little           are                  here            is                 at                it                 in                help              and

yes             red                 yellow          blue            orange       black           green         brown          purple