Teacher Bio

Hi, my name is Nancy Wyen. I have been a teacher in the Northeastern Local School District for 16 years. I attended Northridge Elementary and graduated from Kenton Ridge High School. After high school I attended Clark State Community College and earned a degree in early childhood education. I taught in a pre-school and at Head Start for a few years and then realized my true calling was to teach older children. I went back to college and earned my elementary education degree from Urbana University in 1993. I was a long term sub in first grade and then was hired in second grade. I been here ever since! In 2000 I earned a master’s degree in classroom teaching from Urbana University. I have been married to my husband Freddie for 16 years and we have a very special daughter named Maggie. She’ll turn 15 years old in October.

I believe that children learn in a variety of ways and that no two children learn the same thing at the same rate. My experience has taught me to teach in all the ways in which children learn best. In my classroom children will do experiments. They will listen to instruction. They will apply what they have learned. They will create solutions to problems and test them out.

I believe that I have two responsibilities as a teacher. My first job is to teach the district curriculum and state standards. My second job is to help each child become a responsible citizen. I have high expectations for my student’s behavior and I have learned that children will strive to do what is expected of them.

My greatest joy in teaching comes from seeing a child reach a goal they set for themselves. Sometimes the goal is small, like remembering to turn in their homework on time. Sometimes the goal is big, like reaching a level 30 in reading. No matter what the accomplishment, there’s nothing like the pride and satisfaction they feel for a job well done.

I am sincerely looking forward to being your child’s teacher this year!